Thursday, November 21, 2019

Rockford Fosgate R2 10 Shallow Review


Hello good people what's up? Hope you guys are well and doing very well. Well i am also good and doing very well. Well after the last blog i have got many requests of a rockford subwoofer. So now we are going to discuss about a rockford fosgate subwoofer. But at first let's have a look at some details about rockford brand. 

About Rockford:

Rockford fosgate is a well known brand in the market. It has been a long time in the market. It's in the market for more than 40 years with some high competitor brands. So they are definitely great. This brand was founded by a american inventor, engineer and businessman named Mr. james jim fosgate. It was founded in 1979. Its foundation was made after his invention car amplifier to make and manufacture it in a factory. After his departure from rockford fosgate it was active in the car audio  market brands. After that in never looked behind and now it is holding a position in the top 3 according to the list. 

This subwoofer is from the latest subwoofer series from rockford named P3. this series is known for its tight and punchy but clear bass. So you will receive a tight punchy but clearly noticeable bass from it. Its materials are great  so it can give you a very cool and and reliable performance. It's hard materials and its tough rigid cone won't flex after a long time of extended play. It's clear sound will just amaze you. Its cone is made of tough mica injected polypropylene. So you will get your appropriated performance from it and its surrounding will make the bass more deeper. It has  a flexibility in installation so you can install it anywhere easily. The best thing is it has a slim design which is able to make you and your car extra cool looking. Its heat resistance will also amaze you. 

Bass level can can distort when the volume is raised and it will not really blow you away. 

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